Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Put a shark in your tank!

The one story that I really like :)
The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the water close to Japan has not held many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats got bigger and went further than ever. The further the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring the fish. If the return trip took more time, the fish were not fresh. To solve this problem, fish companies installed freezers on their boats. They would catch the fish and freeze them at sea. Freezers allowed the boats to go further and stay longer. However, the Japanese could taste the difference between fresh and frozen fish. And they did not like the taste of frozen fish. The frozen fish brought a lower price. So, fishing companies installed fish tanks. They would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks, fin to fin. After a little thrashing around, they were tired, dull, and lost their fresh-fish taste. The fishing industry faced an impending crisis! But today, they get fresh-tasting fish to Japan .
How did they manage? To keep the fish tasting fresh, the Japanese fishing companies still put the fish in the tanks but with a small shark. The fish are challenged and hence are constantly on the move. The challenge they face keeps them alive and fresh!
Have you realized that some of us are also living in a pond but most of the time tired and dull ? Basically in our lives, sharks are new challenges to keep us active. If you are steadily conquering challenges, you are happy. Your challenges keep you energized. Don’t create success and revel in it in a state of inertia. 
You have the resources, skills and abilities to make a difference. 

Put a shark in your tank and see how far you can really go!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Disaat kita mahukan perubahan
Dimana perkara baik diperlukan
Dan kita tekad untuk berubah
Baik dan lebih baik

Tapi malang

Mereka tidak membantu,
Tiada nasihat datang dari kawan,

Lagi tambah rasa malang

Bila kita terkongkong dengan satu sistem
Sistem yang sama yang sukar diubah
Kerna ia turut tidak membantu
Siapa yang perlukan perubahan?


Saat itu,
Diri mula membenci
Mula belajar berdendam
Diri mula rasa jaki dengan dunia
Jiwa terus melenting


Saat yang sama aku mula sedar
Hanya Dia yang tahu
Hanya Dia yang mampu
Kuatkan hati melayan dunia
Oleh itu mohonku